About Us

ACADEMIC ANGLE specializes in customized college admissions counseling and ACT/SAT prep courses.

Here at Academic Angle, we transform lives, inspire success, and help students realize their college admissions dreams! Our programs help high school students become marketable candidates for college admissions and apply to schools that best-fit their academic, financial, and social-emotional needs. It is our mission to keep student interests, not external factors such as school rankings, at the forefront of the college search and preparation process.

What sets us apart from other college advising services is not necessarily what we do, but how we do it. Our 30+ class options are fully customizable and prepare students for the holistic college admissions process from every angle, start to finish. Our class-based approach prepares students to become unique, focused, and goal-oriented candidates on their college and university applications.  

Success doesn’t happen overnight, and becoming a unique and marketable candidate for college can take some time. While most high school students see a college counselor only once or twice throughout their high school years, we work with students, one-on-one, for up to 40 hours to achieve maximum success in the college admissions process!

We don’t brag often, but 100% of our students have been accepted to multiple schools on their best-fit college list, and this year we are proud to announce that the average Academic Angle student earned over $200,000 in total scholarship offers! On recent exams, our test prep team has also helped students increase their exam scores by as many as seven points on the ACT and 350 points on the SAT!

We are based on the northwest side of Chicago, Illinois, and from here, we serve students from all over the USA, Europe, and Asia. No matter what type of student you are or where in the world you may be, we are 100% committed to helping you achieve your college admissions goals!

Are you interested in being part of our success story? If so, we’d love to chat! Book a 100% free consultation today to learn more! 


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