The Application Audit


Our full program includes professional application quality audits by three impartial and independent former admissions directors. These college admissions professionals have experience with the application processes at schools like Princeton, Yale, Penn, Columbia, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, UCLA, Boston U, Brandeis, NYU, Georgetown, Pomona, Kenyon, Haverford, UNC, UVA, Tufts…

invaluable admissions EXPERIENCE

Our admissions officers average 8 years of experience as Directors, Assistant Directors and/or Associate Directors of Admissions at top colleges. Admissions officers are custom matched with students based on their admissions background. If you are from outside the USA, rest assured that all of our admissions officers have experience with recruiting and evaluating international student applications.

triple REVIEW of every application

Every application is reviewed three times by three separate admissions directors. To maintain impartiality, each admissions officer works independently. The evaluations are direct, straightforward and, at times, brutally honest. While this application review does not guarantee admission, it can alert the student to parts of the application that may be hindering their chances of admission.

actionable results

After receiving the results of the application audit, we review and discuss the feedback with students during their next regularly scheduled consultation. As we debrief, we will create an action plan to implement suggested changes prior to final submission. As a result, Academic students gain a competitive advantage by learning about what admissions officers of competitive colleges look for in an application.

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