As you begin preparing for college, you will find that you need to communicate often with teachers, mentors, counselors, admissions personnel and other professionals. Our classes will teach you how to write and speak with confidence – both skills that are necessary in the college admissions process! We will also help you develop a positive online presence on social media forums such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin and guide you to insulate personal information from colleges, and eventually, potential employers!


Social Media and College Admissions

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram – social networking sites are a big part of our lives and they are a great tool for sharing messages and keeping in touch with friends and family. But can they be a tool in your college search? Learn how to use social media to have a positive effect on your future college admissions chances as well as how to avoid social media pitfalls that can put your admission chances at risk!
Approximate Duration: ½ Class Session [30 minutes]

Developing the “Silver Platter” List

Work with your counselor to develop a “silver platter” list of must-share things to deliver in admissions, job and internship interviews, on college essays, and in conversations about yourself. This half-class exercise is a great way to start prioritizing your activities and unique personal qualities and experiences in an organized way.
Approximate Duration: ½ Class Session [30 minutes]

Drafting the Student Resume

Work with your counselor to learn how to craft and properly format a skills-based student resume for use on your college and scholarship applications. This resume will lay the foundation for an eventual professional resume for future use in job and internship interviews.
Approximate Duration: ½ Class Session [30 minutes]

How to Solicit Solid Letters of Recommendation

A strong letter of recommendation might be enough to tip the college admissions scale in your favor. Your counselor will teach you how to turn potential recommenders into solid professional references and help you create a plan to hone relationships with teachers, mentors, and other influential people in your life. You will also develop a strategy on how to solicit solid letters of recommendation from your references well in advance of any deadlines.
Approximate Duration: ½ Class Session [30 minutes]

Preparing for College Admissions Interviews… and Supplement Essays!

Both formal and informal college interviews are great opportunities to market yourself to prospective colleges and universities. With the help of your counselor, brainstorm, outline, and prepare well-polished answers to the most common admissions interview questions.
Approximate Duration: 1 Class Session [60 minutes] Recommended Prerequisite: Developing the “Silver Platter” List

Mock Admissions / Scholarship Interviews

Practice makes perfect! Perfect your interview skills by participating in 30-minute mock interviews with your college counselor. With advance notice, questions can also be targeted to prepare for a specific school or program interview! This class session can be repeated as necessary.
Approximate Duration: ½ Class Session [30 minutes] Prerequisites: Preparing for College Admissions Interviews… and Supplement Essays