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ACADEMIC ANGLE specializes in one-on-one college admissions counseling and customized ACT/SAT prep courses. 

What sets us apart from other college advising services is not what we do, but how we do it.  Our focus on self-marketing gives students a competitive advantage through differentiation: doing everything possible to stand out amongst the “rest of the pack.”

By approaching the college admissions from every angle, we ensure that our students are able to present themselves as focused, goal-oriented unique, and confident candidates in their essays and interviews and on their applications. 

We don’t brag often, but when we do we like to mention that this year 100% of our students have been accepted to multiple schools on their college list. In recent years our domestic and international students have applied and gained acceptance to over 60 colleges and universities around the United States and abroad. We work with all types of students and all types of schools and programs.

Even though we have students from all over the USA, Europe, and Asia, we are based locally here in Chicago. We know you want the best for your kids, and that is why as a member of the Northwestern Medical Group, we are offering you a complimentary initial consultation and discounted pricing for all of our services. We are ready to work with you and your families and look forward to hearing from you soon!

-Karl Lenss, Managing Director



  • Complimentary initial consultation

  • Complimentary LEAP evaluation

  • 10% off all college consulting services

  • 10% off all test prep services


Email us, call us, or fill out the web form to the right to request more information. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 


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