So you're interested in our programs... That's awesome! 

We'd love to meet WITH you in-person!

Because we work with a limited amount of students each year, we ask prospective students and families to come to this meeting prepared to make a decision on whether or not to enroll in one of our programs.

To keep things moving forward, we split the onboarding meeting into three parts:

PART ONE: We'll walk you through the most important features and benefits of our programs and address any final questions or concerns that you may have. We'll also conduct a brief new student / new parent interview so that we can get the most accurate picture of your needs and expectations in the college admissions process. Using the information we learn, we'll lay out your options and work with you to come to an agreement on the most appropriate program option.

PART TWO: We'll ask you if you would like to move forward with one of our program recommendations. If you do decide to work with us, we'll discuss the terms of the new student/parent agreement and ask you to pay a tuition deposit. The remaining balance is usually due within 90 days. Because we collect agreements and signatures electronically, you'll receive email instructions on how to e-sign the agreement after the meeting.

PART THREE: Welcome aboard! Congratulations on making the decision to become part of our success story! Once you have signed on with us, we will customize your program and create a meeting schedule, set up and teach you how to use your Custom College Plan and Screencast webinar accounts and discuss the first introductory module and get you started with the first student assignment. By the end of the onboarding meeting you can expect to have access to the entire library of Academic Angle tools and resources.