“Academic Angle was instrumental in assisting my daughter in choosing the right university. They were diligent managers of the process of analyzing her aptitudes and her stated desires of what and where she wanted to study. Their assistance in the essay writing process was especially helpful. Academic Angle programs are well worth the investment.”

5/5 - Ray, Sparta NJ
“I asked both girls if working with you was helpful and worth the money…you will be pleased to hear, that both said absolutely! They have gotten some really great acceptances across the board and things are looking good. Thanks for all your help!”

5/5 - Toni, Chicago, IL
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"With nearly Perfect Grades and test scores, I was fixated on the Ivy League. My counselor encouraged me to explore a wider variety of school options and taught me how to create a better list based upon key criteria important to me. I also learned about how to better market my skills and accomplishments by creating a capstone project that tied my whole candidacy together. In the end it wasn't Harvard or Yale that stole my heart - it was Vanderbilt! I am so glad that my Academic Angle counselor taught me how to value my own needs and wants above all else."

“I got into the program I applied to and I thank you so much for everything you have done for me this past year. I don’t know what I would have done without your help!”

5/5 - Katrina, Winnetka, IL

“Academic Angle helped me a lot from choosing the right colleges to writing the perfect essay. I wouldn’t have been able to complete all of the tedious amount of work involved in applying for a college without their help!”

5/5 - Abhi, Buffalo Grove, IL


"I'm a procrastinator, so the college preparation process really freaked me out. Thankfully, my Academic Angle program broke things into small, manageable steps. Using Custom College Plan™ also gave me direct access to my counselor and let us work on my college list and writing essays - together! Academic Angle pushed me to try harder and reach higher than I ever thought was possible, and as a result, I earned direct admission into a top-10 ranked finance program!"

“My daughter and I worked with Karl for well over a year, and I began to refer to him as a true educator. That is not a term I use casually. I was raised by several generations of dedicated teachers from whom I learned that teaching is one thing and can be done by someone with a reasonable amount of skill. Education, however, is a much higher concept. It is broad and ineffable and can only be done by someone with a deep understanding of how and why people learn, and why it is an important lifelong process. Karl understands this and more. Academic Angle is committed to educational accomplishment, and I cannot recommend Academic Angle enthusiastically enough.”

5/5 - Lynne, Chicago IL
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Lauren - Winnetka, IL

"'Twas the summer before senior year, and my essays were in shambles! The Academic Angle college essay writing program helped bring my personal statement to life, and my counselor kept me on track to finish my applications well before any deadlines. In three months we traded essay drafts 64 times. I honestly had no idea it would take so many revisions to get them all done. I don't know what I would have done without their help!"

“Academic Angle will make sure that all educational needs are met, all while making you feel comfortable.  The Managing Director, Karl, is kind, courteous, and has a great amount of experience working with teenage students and their parents.”

5/5 - Cheryl, Chicago IL