Our college admissions counseling programs are focused on developing and sharpening a competitive admissions angle for each student. We coach our students to develop a self-marketing plan and how to share their unique story through their personal statements and supplement essays. As a result, our students have the tools they need to present themselves as the most competitive and marketable candidates for their chosen schools and programs.

Make a Self-Marketing Plan

Academic Angle programs teach students how to develop a competitive advantage through differentiation: doing everything possible to stand out amongst the rest of the pack. We accomplish this by guiding students to:

  • Identify their skills and immerse themselves in their passions
  • Develop a competitive admissions angle that aligns with their goals and interests
  • Execute a capstone project that demonstrates leadership and executive skills.
  • Sharpen communication and interview skills through extensive practice.

Why is self-marketing important?

The college admissions process isn’t what it used to be.  More and more students are competing for roughly the same number of seats in the most competitive schools. The numbers don’t lie: competitive school admission rates are lower than they have ever been before!  The ease of applying to college online is driving up competition because nowadays most students apply to 10, 15, or even 20 or more colleges.  With so many more applicants than in years past, having an admissions angle that makes you stand out is more important than ever!



Your Angle #1: Coordinating Activities, Experiences, and Targeting the Student Profile

Colleges look for students that exhibit passion and commitment to specific interests throughout their high school years. Learn how to hone your passions into a sharp admissions angle that differentiates you from the “rest of the pack.” Work with your counselor on future academic and career goals. Solidify a “spike” on your application that separates you from other applicants!
Approximate Duration: 1 Class Session [60 minutes]

Your Angle #2: The 3D Approach: Do, Donate, Demonstrate

Continue to hone your competitive admissions angle by adding additional dimension to your interests. In this class you will create a plan to showcase the academic and/or extracurricular activities you are most passionate about by implementing the 3D Approach of Do – Donate – Demonstrate.
Approximate Duration: ½ Class Session [30 minutes] Prerequisite: Your Angle #1

Setting Goals, Achieving Dreams, and Developing Your Elevator Pitch

Work with your counselor to create specific, measurable, and achievable S.M.A.R.T goals for college admissions and/or future career success. You can also expect to learn how to craft a quality elevator pitch to concisely answer the often asked “tell me about yourself” admissions question.
Approximate Duration: ½ Class Session [30 minutes]


YouScience Aptitude and Interest Inventory Activity

Forget the personality and interest “tests” your parents took in school. Those are a thing of the past! YouScience gives you impactful guidance by using proven science and algorithms to encourage self-discovery and confidence in your post-secondary choices. By combining aptitudes (what you naturally do well) AND interests (what you like doing), YouScience matches you to several best-fit personalized career paths.
Approximate Duration: Self-directed [120 minutes]

YouScience Follow-Up: Exploring Careers and Interviewing Professionals

After completing the YouScience activity, debrief on your results with your counselor. Plan on considering a variety of college major and career path options. After debriefing, you will learn how to schedule and complete informational interviews with companies and local professionals to learn more in depth information about the careers and majors that interest you.
Approximate Duration: 1 Class Session [60 minutes]

Summer Break Planning and/or Capstone Project Planning

With the help of your counselor, explore options and make a plan for your next summer break. The possibilities are endless, so come prepared with ideas! Your counselor will follow your lead and research additional activities that fit your interests and present them to you during this class session. This session can also be used to plan and set goals for a unique Capstone Project that highlights your “Academic Angle.”
Approximate Duration: 1 Class Session [60 minutes]