100% Of Our Students Have Been Admitted to a Best-Fit College

Our college admissions consulting programs are focused on developing and sharpening a competitive admissions angle for each student.  We coach our students to develop a self-marketing plan and how to share their unique story through their personal statements and supplement essays. As a result, our students have the tools they need to present themselves as the most competitive and marketable candidates for their chosen schools and programs.

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Academic Angle programs teach students how to develop a competitive advantage through differentiation: doing everything possible to stand out amongst the rest of the pack.  We accomplish this by guiding students to: 

  • Identify their skills and immerse themselves in their passions
  • Develop a competitive admissions angle that aligns with their goals and interests
  • Execute a capstone project that demonstrates leadership and executive skills.
  • Sharpen communication and interview skills through extensive practice.

Why is self-marketing important? 

The college admissions process isn't what it used to be.  More and more students are competing for roughly the same number of seats in the most competitive schools. The numbers don’t lie: competitive school admission rates are lower than they have ever been before!  The ease of applying to college online is driving up competition because nowadays most students apply to 10, 15, or even 20 or more colleges.  With so many more applicants than in years past, having an admissions angle that makes you stand out is more important than ever!



Volunteerism and community service are common themes in the mission statements of all top colleges and universities. Our students are required to take part in or design a volunteer or community service project that contributes to their leadership skills and development as a sharp-angled candidate for college admissions. 

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Our candidates are encouraged to choose and stick with activities that contribute to their story and "unique angles" throughout their high school years.  Colleges and universities also expect that graduates will continue to be ambassadors of their educational mission and vision even after graduation. Because of this, our students are taught to demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning not just in school, but in everything they do!