The LEAP is our game plan for YOUR success.  



LANGUAGE - It is no secret that excellent writing and speaking abilities are vital for success in college. We evaluate speaking skills early in the process by interviewing prospective students during the initial consultation. Students also submit writing samples that demonstrate their skills in narrative and descriptive writing. Using the data we collect, we custom design our interview preparation and college essay writing modules for every student to maximize success in those areas. Our approach also helps train our students to be compelling and comfortable telling their story on their resume, in their essays, and in conversations with college admissions personnel during any admissions interviews.


EMOTIONAL/SOCIAL - We firmly believe that student success in college is heavily influenced by how well student emotional and social needs are met. To get to know them better, our new students complete the "10 Most Important Factors" exercise that identifies their likes, dislikes and preferences in the first instructional module. We coach our students on taking an active roll in choosing their new academic, living, and social environment. In addition, our programs prepare students to get out of their "comfort zone" by teaching them how to self-advocate and make independent decisions throughout the program.


ACADEMIC - Every one of our programs begins with a comprehensive review of student grades, test scores, and other relevant academic data. Our consultants also guide our students to choose the right high school courses and help align their interests with demonstrated aptitudes so that they can be matched to future academic and career goals. The Academic Angle programs ensure that every new student has the prerequisite academic skills to become a solid candidate for colleges on their best-fit list. In addition, our program helps prevent "senioritis" with continual monitoring of student progress throughout our work together.


PARENTAL - Planning for college is usually one of the first major decision making processes that students experience as young adults. With that in mind, we teach parents both when to get involved and when to give their students a bit more room to handle the college search and application process on their own. We also help parents understand how to balance their involvement and direct their help in positive, supportive ways.