The LEAP is our game plan for YOUR success.  



LANGUAGE - Reading, writing, and speaking abilities are vital for success in college. We evaluate language readiness and chart a course for improvement by studying standardized test diagnostics and analyzing student writing samples. The Academic Angle college consulting program also assists students in matching their language skills with appropriate college majors and academic directions. Over all, it is our goal to ensure that students work harder and reach higher to improve their skills so that they are prepared for the rigors of the college-level curriculum. 


EMOTIONAL/SOCIAL - We evaluate student likes, dislikes, and take an inventory of personal preferences to guide the college search process. These preferences are revisited and revised multiple times throughout the "college list" part of the program. In addition, we prepare students to both mentally and physically distance themselves from traditional support networks.  Our program inspires confidence by teaching self-advocacy and independent decision making throughout the entire college search and preparation process.


ACADEMIC - Our program begins with a detailed, fully comprehensive review of student grades, test scores, and other relevant academic data. Our consultants also guide our students to choose high school courses that align with their future academic and career goals. The Academic Angle program ensures that every new student has the prerequisite academic skills to become a solid candidate for college. In addition, our program fights "senioritis" with continual monitoring of student progress.


PARENTAL - Planning your academic direction after high school is usually one of the first "adult" decisions that high school students have the opportunity to make. With that in mind, parents must understand when to get involved and when to step aside throughout the college search and application process. We help parents understand how to balance their involvement and direct their help in positive, supportive ways.