Discovering the "best fit" Environment for you


We coach students through the process of discovering their interests and passions. 

This information is then used to help students match themselves with colleges and universities that best-fit their needs, wants, and future educational and career goals.

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The college list conversation should begin with matching interests, passions, and aptitudes with best-fit college and university programs. We use a modern curriculum and state-of-the-art interest inventory resources to guide the student self-discovery process. Academic Angle has the tools to guide all program participants, regardless of grades and test scores, on the path to discovering college admissions success! 


We keep the college search and application process organized by enrolling all students in the online management program Custom College Plan (CCP).  CCP allows students and parents to communicate with us, view and complete assignments, as well as manage deadlines and calendars.  Custom College Plan also includes the most up-to-date admissions data available as well as other information and resources about colleges in the United States. 

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The best way to measure compatibility with a college is to visit.  Visit while school is in session so that you can sit in on lectures, eat in the cafeteria, and interact with students. College visits also allow you to imagine life at school by soaking in the “campus vibe” as much as you can! We teach our students how to make quality evaluative visits and how to use what your experiences to help make final decisions at the end of the process. 


High school students should understand that it is normal to change their mind several times throughout the college search process.  Students should periodically reevaluate and revisit their college list by adding and subtracting schools as preferences change. Consultations with Academic Angle include a college list discussion in every session.