Score Improvement Guarantee



  • We guarantee that if you do not get a higher ACT or SAT composite and/or “superscore” test score within 30 days of completing one of our test prep programs, we will continue to work with you free of charge until the next exam date.
  • You must register for and take the ACT or SAT exam on the next scheduled exam date.
  • If after successfully completing our program your score does not improve on the second try, we will refund 100% of your test prep tuition.


  • Students must be enrolled in the Standard Academic Angle test prep program (minimum of 18 hours) and have paid tuition in-full.
  • Students must have an official ACT or SAT benchmark score. Students who have not previously taken an official ACT or SAT exam are not eligible for the improvement guarantee.
  • Students must attend all scheduled class sessions, take all diagnostic and/or practice tests, and complete all assigned homework on time and on pace for each session as assigned by their teacher. 
  • Our prep program is designed to target a specific exam date. Students must take the ACT or SAT exam on the agreed-upon date (usually within a few weeks after completing the prep program) to be eligible.
  • Please note: The Score Improvement Guarantee does not include the essay section of the ACT or SAT.

Receiving your refund

  • Clients may request refunds via email to within one week after scores are released online by ACT or College Board.  An official score report must be attached to the request.
  • Refunds are limited to actual dollars paid to Academic Angle for test prep services. We cannot refund tuition vouchers, credits, discounts, or provide refunds for pro bono work.
Revised 3/10/2022