ACADEMIC ANGLE specializes in one-on-one college admissions counseling and customized ACT/SAT prep courses. 

What sets us apart from other college advising services is not what we do, but how we do it.  Our focus on self-marketing gives students a competitive advantage through differentiation: doing everything possible to stand out amongst the "rest of the pack."

By approaching the college admissions process from every angle, we ensure that our students are able to present themselves as focused, goal-oriented unique, and confident candidates in their essays and interviews and on their applications. Transforming lives, inspiring success, and realizing dreams: it's what we do! 

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COLLEGE Admissions From Every angle

Our college admissions consulting programs are focused on developing and sharpening a competitive admissions angle for each student.  We coach our students to develop a self-marketing plan and how to share their unique story through their application essays and in admissions interviews. As a result, our students have the tools they need to present themselves as the most competitive and marketable candidates for their chosen schools and programs. 

We work with all types of students and all tiers of schools. Our programs are always customized for individual student needs and are designed to guide them on the path to college admissions success, no matter what their situation! 


we understand YOUR PROBLEM:

The average high school student receives only 38 Minutes of personal advice from their high school guidance or college counselor.

Source: IECA

we have a SOLUTION:

ACADEMIC ANGLE consulting programs offer between 10 hours and 30+ hours of one-on-one, student-focused, fully customized guidance.


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Most colleges and universities use the ACT and SAT college admissions exams as important indicators of college readiness. Our one-on-one test prep options include between 9 and 18 hours of instruction and are custom designed around the needs of every student. Classes are held either in-person (in Chicagoland) or online. Our unique online program allows students to work one-on-one with their teacher and prep for the exams from anywhere at virtually any time!

We carefully vet and hire only the best test preparation experts in the industry and ensure your satisfaction with a score improvement money-back guarantee.


200-250 points


3-5 points


We know that scheduling flexibility is important, so we offer all of our college consulting and test prep programs via e-learning. The Custom College Plan database makes real-time collaboration a breeze with integrated Google applications. Our students and parents love the convenience of being able to meet with our counselors and teachers on their schedule, instead of always having to visit a brick-and-mortar office for meetings. As a result, Academic Angle students have more time for homework, sports, and family time! All of our programs are not only customized and flexible around your needs and wants, but also flexible around your busy schedule. 

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING for your busy life