Honesty and Integrity

An open Letter from Karl Lenss, M.ED

Managing Director & Director of College Counseling

It’s hard to believe the dust from the Varsity Blues college admission cheating scandal is still settling. Rest assured that our students work incredibly hard to prepare themselves for college and find their best-fit college home the right way. Academic Angle remains committed to teaching the process, not cheating it.

Our honest, transparent approach has helped hundreds of students study for the ACT/SAT exams and effectively navigate the myriad choices that accompany choosing the right college. We’ve also helped students from all walks of life earn merit scholarships and financial aid to reduce the ever-increasing cost of a college education. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing my students proceed into their college years and adult lives with confidence and clarity! With this message in mind, I encourage you to heed the following advice as you begin your college search:

  • The college search and application process should be a fun and exciting time. If anyone tells you that they have “inside” information, can pull strings, provide shortcuts, or give you a special advantage in admissions, you are being misled.
  • There are many postsecondary options for every student, and no student should have to become something they are not to get accepted. The “best” school is the school that fits a student academically, socially, and financially.
  • The vast majority of admissions officers, school counselors and IEC’s are ethical and compassionate. professionals who dedicate their careers to advising students and their families. If you decide to seek outside help, ensure that you work with a fully vetted IEC who has promised to abide by the highest ethical standards as a member of NACAC, IECA and/or HECA.

As a proud member of both IECA and NACAC, I promise that Academic Angle will continue to abide by the high ethical standard that we set when we opened our doors in 2014. We’ve never guaranteed admission, offered special favors or promised back-door admissions into college programs – and we never will.

Karl Lenss, M.Ed.
Managing Director, Academic Angle